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Insurance Claims App

Product Development Case Study – 2022

Acting as the lead for User Experience and Product Design, I was tasked with conceptualizing and planning the companies first new product in over 15 years. An Insurance Claims mobile application focused on Transparency, Communication, Education, and User Experience, for policyholders nation-wide.

UToronto Club Hub

UX/UI Case Study – 2020

Our team looked into which aspects of student life had taken the highest toll from rapid shift to online learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Following IBM Agile, we designed a new website named “Club Hub” to increase student access to clubs and strengthen relationships.

Toronto Community Housing

IA/UX Case Study – 2021

Our team analyzed the Information Architecture of the website, to discover potential user barriers based on the structure and placement of information on the site. Using a variety of research approaches, our team proposes a new website schematic to enhance the overall website.

Lorex Security Recorder Ui

UX/UI Case Study – 2021

With the company’s new vision on improving the user experience and usability of legacy devices, I was charged with assessing and studying the present User Experience of Network Video Recorders in order to design and launch an improved User Interface for all future products.

Mindfulness Course Platform

UX/UI Case Study – 2022

Our team conducted User Experience and User Journey research to identify the current pain-points of course enrolment and participation for the Non-Profit Organization Mindfulness Everyday. Ultimately our team proposed a new curriculum format and delivery method design to boost enrolment and enhance participation experience.

ParkMark: Parking App

UX/UI Case Study – 2020

I participated in a solo UX design challenge to research and build a parking application that would help people locate and reserve space in congested areas. Using UX research methods, I was able to identify the major user pain points and design a new application that could solve the user needs.

Indie Game UX Evaluation

GUR/UX Case Study – 2021

Our team performed a User Experience Evaluation on the Indie Game “A Witch’s Tale” (available on We conducted usability testing with a group of participants in order to better understand user perception of the game and develop suggestions for UX improvements.

US Twitter Election

Data Analytics Case Study – 2020

In attempt to predict the 2020 United States Election, with candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden,  I create a Python Machine Learning Algorithm that would scan twitter posts related to the election and candidates and output a score that would forecast the winner.