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I am an energetic and driven individual that strives to gain more knowledge and experience in the technology field. My past professional experience has provided me with the tools to approach every problem with an open frame of mind and a positive attitude. Through my education and certifications, I continue to build my knowledge and skills of User Experience Design, Graphic Design, Cloud Computing, Architecture, Broadband Device & Network Development, protocols in Cyber Security, Global Internet and world wide web policy.


Undergrad Degree (Ba)

Communications Studies

York University

My undergraduate degree began with a broad concentration on telecommunications and media policy, while looking at the ever-growing industry of social media. My interests switched to the field of information technology, where I studied telecommunications protocols such as TCP/IP, IEEE Standards, IoT development, and CCTV Surveillance Technology.

Masters Degree (Mi)

UX Design & IS Design

University of Toronto

User Experience Design (UX), considers the process of design from a Human–computer Interaction approach, using proper research techniques, IBM design thinking, and standards for interface design. My second focus, Information Systems Design (ISD), allows me to analyze business processes and design streamlined approaches to projects using modelling techniques, as well perform data analytics to discover solutions.



My love for video games will never die! I am a massive fan of the Xbox Halo franchise and I am currently playing beta for the upcoming Halo Infinite.


I do like to play around with coding every once in a while. I mostly know Python, but I am also proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and PHP.


I challenged myself to solving a 3x3 Rubik's cube... and I fell in love with cubing. You can catch me regularly fiddling with a cube in hand.


Can work also be a hobby? ...nonetheless I still have lots of fun doing graphic design, web design, and content creation.

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Ontario, Canada




Jordan Hejka


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